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Birdwatching Tours in Ecuador

Fourth in the world for bird species with more than 1630 species.
Ecuador is located in the middle of the world, in the Equator line in the 0º00’00” latitude. This small country in South America is unknown to many people, but yet very popular for those who have already been here.

This amazing country is the scenario for your next birding tour so start getting ready for it.

Despite the relative small extension of the country, Ecuador is considered one of the richest countries in the world in diversity of species of birdlife per ecosystem. Its geographic location and the presence of the Andes create an existence of great variety of ecosystems and micro climates that give life to an incredible number of birds.

Green Adventures is a tourism company located in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, and is offering you the opportunity to come and visit the Middle of the world and the country with the highest biodiversity in the planet occupying only 0.19% of the earth’s surface.

  • With 44 National Parks and protected areas (approx. 10% of the country’s area).  Those protected areas are rich in flora and fauna (birds). 75% of all species of birds of Ecuador are in these national parks.
  • With the uniqueness of the Galapagos National Park and its Marine Biological Reserve, as well as the Sangay National Park, both natural heritage of humanity sites.
  • With the Sumaco, Yasuni, and Galapagos National Parks, declared Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO.

With the largest amount of flora and fauna per square kilometer in the world:

  • Second in the world for endemic vertebrates.
  • Third in the world for amphibians.
  • Fourth in the world for bird species.
  • Fifth in the world for butterflies.
  • Home to 10% of the world’s plant species.
  • Home to 10.7% of all vertebrate animals on the planet.
  • And home of the 35% of all species of humming birds in the world.

There are four regions in Ecuador and we want you to visit them all: the Galápagos Islands, The Pacific Coast, The Andes and the Amazon Rainforest.

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