Ecuador Downhill Mountain Biking

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Ecuador Downhill Mountain biking

Downhill mountain biking holidays - Cycling holidays & Incredible mountain bike tours in Ecuador!

Ken Ken Tour

WE MAKE ADVENTURE DEEP, FAST AND SAFE Ecuador is considered to be one of the countries with more variety of ecosystems in the world. This makes Ecuador a paradise for mountain bikers and the perfect destination for your next downhill mountain biking tour.

Downhill Ecuador

The Ken Ken downhill mountain biking tour is loaded with full of speed and adrenaline. It offers you the opportunity to discover some of the most amazing places in Ecuador while you do what you like the most…ride your bike!

This six day guided downhill mountain biking tour will start at 9,350 ft in the city of Quito, where you will have the opportunity to get used to the altitude. Moreover it includes downhill at The Chimborazo, the incredible Mama Rumi and La Paz rural trails. Both are the two longest downhill trails in the country. We will reach altitudes from ca. 11,300 ft and safely descent until we reach ca. 2,600 ft.

Mountain Biking

Definitely in this downhill tour, adrenaline is assured!

Ken Ken Tour at a glance

  • Day 1. Acclimatization – Morning riding
  • Day 2. Downhill – Chimborazo Volcano
  • Day 3. Downhill – Mama Rumi
  • Day 4. Cuenca City Tour & El Cajas National Park
  • Day 5. Downhill – La Paz Yunguilla
  • Day 6. Return to Quito

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