Winner of the prestigious Ecotourism Award from the World Congress on Tourism and the Environment, La Selva Amazon Ecolodge sits high on the shores of Lake Garzacocha. The spacious, airy cabanas are inspired by native bamboo designs, and the food is the pride of the lodge. For nearly thirty years now, La Selva has been delighting visitors from all over the world. On foot and in canoes, guests and their English-speaking guides explore the most biodiverse region on the planet: Ecuador’s renowned Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, home to thousands of unique species of plants and animals.


* The following are examples of the activities to do at the lodge

** The programs will be confirm by the Lodge Manager and Naturalist Guide together with your requests at the lodge.





Day 1:

This day you will visit the amazon region. The flight to Coca city is in the morning so your guide will transfer you from the hotel to the airport to assist you with the check in. After a 30 min flight you will land at Coca city where someone from the lodge to visit will be waiting for you. After a short ride on a private bus we get to the next part of the journey, a motorized boat ride. The ride will take approximately two to two and half hours on the river. After this ride you will have a short walk and canoe ride. This time crossing a creak and a lake in a paddle canoe that will take you to the Lodge. This journey itself is already part of the adventure in the amazon region.

At the lodge you will receive a briefing from the administration about the lodge and the activities that you will be doing during your stay in the Amazon region. You will also meet the naturalist guide that will be with you for the following days.

This evening you will start with one of the night activities offered at the lodge. It can be an evening walk or an evening canoe ride.

Day 2, 3 and 4:

Breakfast is served early because there is so much to see and do! There are a number of activities that you might do, including a visit to the parrot clay lick, a trip to a local community, or an excursion to the observation tower to see birds and monkeys. The activities you do will depend on many factors, mostly the weather. If you do not wish to do the morning activity, you are under no obligation to do so. Some guests prefer to remain in the lodge and relax. A delicious lunch is served in the dining room at 13:00. After lunch, guests can take a nap or read a book during the hottest hours of the day. Afternoon activities tend to be more low-key than morning ones. You might go for a canoe ride around the lagoon, take a short trail to hopefully see some of the animals living in the amazon. A gourmet dinner awaits in the dining room as afternoon turns into evening. On your last evening, you will be asked to clear up your bill in case you had any extras, such as drinks or a massage.

Day 5:

Although you must depart the lodge early in order to get to Coca in time for your flight, breakfast will be served before you leave. You’ll go out the way you came: a canoe ride, followed by a short walk, and then a two-hour, two and half hour ride on the motorized canoe to Coca. Once you reach Coca, you will be taken to the airport, checked in and directed to the waiting room for your return flight to Quito. At Quito airport your guide will be waiting for you to take you back to the hotel in Quito and will provide all information about the next days activity.


Detail of activities:

Rainforest Canopy Observation Tower:

The rainforest canopy is an ecosystem in and of itself. High up in the treetops, birds rule. The observation platform of the 120 foot high (37 meters) observation tower sits on top of a centuries-old Kapok tree, the platform offer a 360° view for world-class birdwatching (and monkey-watching) any time of the day. As an added bonus, there are two trails from the lodge to the tower: a 20 minute “express route” and a two-hour “scenic route.” Both trails are great for seeing animals and medicinal plants used by locals for centuries.

Parrot Clay Lick:

Because of their diet, Amazonian parrots frequently need to eat salty clay to aid their digestion. There are some of these famous “clay licks” near the lodge and they are a favorite of our guests. On a good day, you can see hundreds of brightly-colored birds fluttering about the clay and squawking loudly all the while.

Community Cultural Visit:

Some indigenous communities live near the La Selva Amazon Ecolodge. The guides like to take the guests there, because the communities are always excited to receive visitors and the guests enjoy seeing another way of life – the Amazon way. You might visit a local home or school, see some of the projects the locals are working on, try local foods and drinks and even shoot a blow dart gun. A highlight comes at the end of the tour, when guests have the opportunity to purchase hand-made handicraft souvenirs directly from the people of the community.

Canoe Rides in the Creeks and Garzacocha Lagoon:

Bodies of water are often the best places to see wildlife in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve. Our traditional, hand-paddled canoes are the travel medium of choice on the lagoon and along the creeks that come in and out of it. You might see a paiche (a massive fish that occasionally likes to snap at the paddles), snakes (including the legendary anaconda), bats, any number of birds and monkeys, and much, much more. Relaxing and fun, many guests tell us that the canoe rides were their favorite part of their stay in the lodge.

Night Walk:

Many of the most interesting species near the lodge are nocturnal and can only be seen at night. Grab your flashlight and join your guide and fellow travelers on a brief walk to see toads, frogs, insects, bats, scorpions and other varmints that are invisible by day.

Night Canoe Ride:

Your guides will take out a canoe and a spotlight onto the lagoon to try to spot some fantastic wildlife, including caimans, snakes, bats, owls and anything else lurking around the lagoon in the darkness. They’ll try for a clear, cloudless night if possible, because the stargazing from the center of the lake in the Amazon night is truly memorable.

Explorer Kayaks:

Many of our guests can’t get enough of the wildlife around our lagoon, Lake Garzacocha, so we keep some kayaks handy near the dock. You can take off on your own exploration adventure whenever you wish!

Swimming in the Lagoon:

Want to take a cooling dip in our freshwater lagoon? Feel free to suit up and jump in whenever you want: all we ask is that you let us know so we can have someone close by to keep an eye on you.


IncludesAll accommodation and meals, air tickets Quito - Coca - Quito, assistance at the airport in Quito and Coca, transportation in Coca city and to the Lodge, certified bilingual guide, activities offered by the Lodge and entrance fees.

Does not include: Other meals not mentioned, drinks, tips, personal expenses

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